About the Dickins

The Dickins, aka Dale Strength, Bobby Strength and Gregg Inhofer, have been making music together since they were kids. Something special happens when you've been creative together for that long and that "something special" is showcased in spades on their new CD Sideways Country. It's a combination of unique vocals, song arrangements and catchy grooves blended with traditional acoustic instruments over electric bass and drums. The result is a unique new approach to country music.

Dale and younger brother Bobby have been steeped in country music since birth. They are the sons of country music singer/songwriter and Nashville DJ Hall Of Fame recipient, Texas Bill Strength. Bill was also a Sun Records recording artist with his friend Elvis Presley.

While growing up on the road with their dad, Dale and Bobby met and mingled with many of Nashville's biggest stars, most of whom were close friends of Bill's. They watched from backstage of the Ryman Auditorium as their dad performed on the Grand Old Opry. They lived in a world where Elvis Presley really did come to their house to hang out and eat dinner. Tex Ritter would visit and spend the day telling stories or watching football. Ira Louvin of the legendary Louvin Brothers, one of Bill's closest friends, even taught Dale and Bobby his fishing style.

Shortly after hooking up with the Strength brothers, Gregg Inhofer was immediately adopted by Texas Bill as one of his "boys" and has been considered family ever since. Gregg played keyboards on Bob Dylan's legendary Blood On The Tracks album and also has a brand new CD with 12 incredible original songs. Through the years the three have played many different styles of music together from country to avant-garde jazz. They have performed with many big name acts including Olivia Newton-John who they helped introduce to America as her very first band in the U.S. The Dickins puts together a fun mixture of music styles on this infectious new CD. We think you’ll like it! Take a listen